Is she cheating on me?

There aren’t many things worse than wondering whether or not the girl you love is cheating on you. Not only can it take a serious toll on your mental well-being, but it can also affect your physical health as well. This site will provide you with advice on what to do about it.

The first step to solving the problem is admitting that one exists. Many of us start off in a state of denial to the possibility that our significant other could be a cheat. But there comes a point when the signs are just too strong, and your gut feeling is screaming out to you that something is wrong.

If you are worried your girlfriend may be cheating, chances are there is a good reason for it. Of course, some of us are more paranoid and over-protective than others, so there’s a chance you could just be imagining things. But generally, that gut instinct doesn’t lie.

Depending on what stage you are at, you may find one or more of these articles useful:

There are also many different kinds of women who cheat, and they have varying reasons for doing so. Here are some example cheater profiles which may give you some ideas on why women cheat:

Just remember, if you find yourself asking the question: Is she cheating on me? …then chances are that there is something going on. But it’s important to keep a cool head, and not to do anything rash. Even though your instincts are usually correct, they are not always 100% spot on. Therefore, before proceeding, you should probably gather some evidence of any infidelity first.